Toyota, 86

Name: Toyota 86 (GT86) 2017

Specifications:  200hp,naturally aspirated 4cyl and MT/AT transmission.

Performance: 0-100 in 7,6 sec, 140mph, 180 g/km (manual).


1) The 86 has a huge fan base because is very easy to tuned; and, 

2)  The design still new for a sports car from 2012 though.  It kept the same formula applied on FT-HS and FT-1 and won’t be dated when the all-new Toyota Supra.

Supra fifth-generation
Toyota FT-HS


1) Toyota has been investing on many variation and improvement for example the GAZOO Racing 86 and as expected to bring back the TRD The TRD pack (Exhaust System, Lowering Springs Performance Air Intake). In the meantime japanese company had showed the GR HV SPORTS concept, and never materialized and produce the Cabriolet version (FT-86 Open); and,

FT-86 Open

2) On the optional list, is include the rear parking sensors, however doesn’t offer a reversing camera.


1) The exterior color for the 86 Special Edition is restrict. Depending on the market, there is only one option, for example, in Britain available  the Orange Edition.  In Canada, two colours, the same orange also the Halo;

2)  The price is not competitive. £30,270.00 for the 86 Special Edition. Competitors more engaged, for example the Honda Civic Type R GT`17 and Volkswagen Golf R, are far better in terms of performance delivery.

When established a comparative between price and horsepower (hp), the GT86 is the most expensive, starts from £30,270.00/200, costs £151,35 per hp.

Honda starts from  £32,995,00 and has 316hp, it means £104,41 per hp. In contrast, Honda is heavier than 86 and front-wheel-drive, it is 0-100 2,7 seconds faster and top speed over 160mph. About Volkswagen Golf R the price becomes more evident how the the gt is expensive, it is £102,51 per hp (£30,345) producing 296hp. In a car is capable to reach 155mph and 5,1 seconds 0-60; and, 

3) Safety features, e.g. it is standard on Honda Civic Type R the Collision Mitigation Braking System, Forward Collision Warning and System are standard.

Conclusion: The bond between manual gearbox, rear limited slip differential, moderates revs, tires squeal and producing 6,375 Kg/hp, makes the 86 a typical fast coupé japanese car.

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Observations: 1) Toyota Canada has offered to clients an “Incentive for Cash Customers”,  which give a 7,680% off ($2,500 discount), the $30,050 for the 86 Special Edition. However, as exposed above, the GT has as a rival the Subaru WRX starts from $29,995 and Ford Focus ST, from $33,698; and,

2) The all the prices were measured without tax or fees.

Opinions: 1) Rating: 6,8 /10 (R. 6,898 / 10)

2) According to Toyota, the 86GT emits 180 g/km. It is too much for a 2l 4cly engine and 197bph. When compared to manual and the automatic gearbox. The manual emits 8,888% (180 g/km – CO2 combined) more than the A/T version.