Toyota Supra

Back to 2012, when Lamborghini decided to show the Sesto Elemento, the Italian company not only confirmed that the V10-engine was alive in the line production but also, gave some clues how is going to be the next product, in terms of the design that gave life to Huracán. As a new sports car, the … Continue reading Toyota Supra

Lamborghini, V10

Name: Lamborghini Huracán Performante. Basic Specifications: 5.2l, V10-naturally-aspirated, all-wheel drive and 1.382kg; Basic Performance: 0-100 2,9 sec, 323,2 Km/h and 6:52:01 min on The Ring. HIGHS 1) Nowadays, the obligation is to be a hybrid or at least follow the turbo era, many car manufactures are been pushing to rethink about the naturally-aspirated in a … Continue reading Lamborghini, V10