Jaguar XJ

  The XJ is the most luxurious sedan on Jaguar lineup, and even though the end of production set for this year, the British already prompted to bring it back with a new platform, a mix between what is classic and modern design and allow the customer, the option of electric variation. Also, from perspective … Continue reading Jaguar XJ

BMW 1-Serie

   The hot hatchback market is now more the same. The basic recipe is Four-cylinder, add a turbo engine and four-doors and that it.    BMW listened to the market dropped and replaced the crucial role in defining the word fun, the rear-wheel-drive to front-wheel-drive.    Could be worst? Yes, it could. The German company … Continue reading BMW 1-Serie

Audi RS3 Sedan

Name: Audi RS3 Sedan Specifications: Inline five-cylinder, 2.5L Turbo. quattro system. Performance: 4.1 sec. in 0-100 and 280 Km/h. PROS 1) The third generation, the Typ 8V, received a reinvigorated update in terms of design. For buyers who want more discretion, Audi offers, as an optional, the Black Optics Package where together with Nardo Grey. … Continue reading Audi RS3 Sedan