Holoride System

For sure, there are two ways to interpret the Holoride System made by Audi/Disney.    First, parents’ point of view: "Let me drive, just shut up and play it." On the other hand, kid's perspective: "Let me play, just shut up and drive it."

Audi RS3 Sedan

Name: Audi RS3 Sedan Specifications: Inline five-cylinder, 2.5L Turbo. quattro system. Performance: 4.1 sec. in 0-100 and 280 Km/h. PROS 1) The third generation, the Typ 8V, received a reinvigorated update in terms of design. For buyers who want more discretion, Audi offers, as an optional, the Black Optics Package where together with Nardo Grey. … Continue reading Audi RS3 Sedan