Lamborghini, V10

Name: Lamborghini Huracán Performante. Basic Specifications: 5.2l, V10-naturally-aspirated, all-wheel drive and 1.382kg; Basic Performance: 0-100 2,9 sec, 323,2 Km/h and 6:52:01 min on The Ring. HIGHS 1) Nowadays, the obligation is to be a hybrid or at least follow the turbo era, many car manufactures are been pushing to rethink about the naturally-aspirated in a … Continue reading Lamborghini, V10

Aston Martin, V8

Name: Aston Martin DB11 Specifications: V8 twin-turbo, 4.0 Litre, 503bhp. 1760kg Performance: 0–62 MPH 4.00s, CO2 230g/km and 187mph. HIGHS     1) V8 Biturbo engine from Mercedes-Benz. Electronic parts, for example, the GPS Satellite, from Mercedes. Gearbox from german, the ZF. So gave to the Aston Martin a better reliability. More credibility to throw … Continue reading Aston Martin, V8

Chevrolet, ZL1 1LE

Name: Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE 2018 (sixth generation). Basic Specifications: 6.2-liter LT4 V8, 650hp, six-speed manual or ten-speed auto. Basic Performance: 0-100: 3,7 sec. Top speed: 304 Km/h. HIGHS 1) The V8-LT4 sound. Loud and clear; 2) Despite the fact the Performance Data Recorder and Video Recorder are optional, it worths the investment of $1,300. … Continue reading Chevrolet, ZL1 1LE