SUV Coupé

   Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) is, for most car makers, fundamental to be profitable as possible in the market, for example, in North America.    For a car manufactory which doesn’t have an SUV, first, naturally, is going to face a ruthlessly competitive market share which has different price, features and technology. Up to a … Continue reading SUV Coupé


Even though the production on both started almost the same time, right now, I think the best choice is the BMW Z4 when putting side by side the fifth-generation Toyota Supra. Moreover, I considered the decision to switch over the hard-top to soft-top wasn't the best one and, probably, it was to offer a different … Continue reading S4pra


Ten-day before the 2019 Formula 1 season starts, the FIA World Motor Sport Council, in agreement with all F1 teams, decided about the extra point. According to FIA website: “one point will be awarded to the driver who achieves the fastest lap in a race, provided that driver is also classified in the top 10. … Continue reading Extra