McLaren P13GT

Even with the system so-called Touring Deck, which adds 220 liters storage space - creating a total of 350 liter - the McLaren 570GT definitely does not have the same practicality when its compared to the Bentley Continental GT (2017), which is a proper GT coupé 2 + 2 and storage space of 358 liters. Touring Deck has two more … Continue reading McLaren P13GT

Bugatti Chiron

Is the Bugatti Chiron the last non-environmentally friendly hypercar? On paper the Chiron has a completely disadvantage in terms of CO2 emissions when compared to Range Rover SPORT - SVR, the new Honda NSX, Porsche 911 Turbo S (991.2), BMW 5-Series 520d xDrive (2017), Peugeot 108 (2017) and Toyota Prius (2017). Driving 1.000 Km per … Continue reading Bugatti Chiron


How @Volkswagen is going to deal with the @audiformulae and @PorscheFormelE in terms of technology development during the next @FIAFormulaE season? Are they going to share information/data. e.g. telemetry? Remembering that during World Endurance Championship (WEC), both have to compete which other and Porsche took control of it with the 919 when Audi slightly was … Continue reading WEC to FE