Jaguar F-Type

   To whom may concern about the Jaguar F-Type, there is, to a inject a little extra life, a facelift undergoing to maximizing every single area from the engine to design.

   As expected, the V8-engine made by BMW connected to an automatic eight-speed is going to be the main reason to buy it and, based on the first pictures, the design vision is an inspiration from the Jaguar I-Pace which is a good question: will it look good?

   Despite the fact, the only reason to buy the Jaguar E-Pace because it is an “SUV F-Type” like, the decision to make the F-Type more close to the I-Pace, Jaguar is leading the charge to be more eco-friendly, through the electrification.

   Furthermore, one great thing about the vehicle nowadays, when needs a revised styling this is happing:

01 FRR
Jaguar F-Type Concept ’12
002 FRR
Jaguar F-Type ’21

In a different direction:

1 frr
Jaguar XF ’11
2 frr
Jaguar XF facelift ’16