McLaren Grand Touring

Based on a video that showed at Geneva International Motor Show this year, the Woking team is developing a new Grand Touring.

In the first seventeen seconds, the soundtrack remembers the first video from Project 12, and even there is a possibility to have the Track Mode through Proactive Chassis Control to engage the driver to be the P1, it gives the impression that McLaren Automotive decided to keep away from track-days in favour of the road trip.

For example, the sports car is cruising on what it looks like one of the best driving roads in the world, to prove how easy it is to ignore the law of physics.

Fast forward, in twenty-one seconds, the traditional McLaren F1 Longtail GT and the McLaren F1 GTR Longtail Race car were fundamental to define and influence not only on this new GT but also on the McLaren Speedtail (P16, BP23).

`97 McLaren F1 GT Longtail
McLaren GT5
McLaren BP23, as known as Speedtail
The design wheels are clear similarity from the McLaren F1 GTR Longtail Racecar

p17 wheel

Analyzing the twenty-eight, third-three and third-seven seconds, there is no indication of the exhaust pipe. Probably, there is a chance this one is located just like the McLaren 600LT, on the top mount.

McLaren 600LT (P13) exhaust system.


The front-end basically has followed the 720S (P14) nose. And that’s why the new McLaren was designed to be for two passengers because, even though the side mirrors quite the same as the Speedtail concept where the English team used the P14 to configure the three-seat layout, the rear-view mirror is in the middle of the windshield.


The GT5 (GTS) I MCL A small detail from the McLaren MP4-12 Formula 1 (1997), there is a small shark fin in the front of the vehicle.



McLaren Senna rear light shape

By the end of the tease, when we have a full shot of the entire vehicle, and it is possible to identify how it is genuinely comfortable is the ride and verify the doors are dihedral as mandatory and, based on the 720S design philosophy, the air channels are located at the upper section, where there isn’t any indication of side pods, for example, what happened to McLaren 650S.

No #10 camo-wrapped
McLaren 650S (P11.2)

Unfortunately, at this moment, all technical information about this new-GT is the same as many as World Constructors’ Champion McLaren had when the last tied up with Honda. However, the V8-Engine should be the heart of what it is a Project 17 or another variation of the McLaren P14, the 720GT.