On 26 Jul 2018, Lamborghini upload a video showing how Aventador SVJ was capable of setting a sub-7 (6:44:97) at the Green Hell, that makes us remind that how this Italian company kept the promise when the launched the base model in 2011 that handling was the main priority over than acceleration and speed.

   Now, after eight years of development, the Aventador has a new version, SVJ Roadster. Put side by side, the weight (dry) the Coupé is 1,525 Kg, and the Roadster is close to 1,574 Kg, makes to reflect how this minor difference of 0,06 kg/hp could effect on a lap time at the Nordschleife.

   Also, even the final act is coming, probably in two more years, how a proper Aventador R-SV homage can do more than this version, even though, there is no signal on it (an olden day of GT1).