488 (part 2)

An interesting fact is the Ferrari 488 GTB isn’t an “all-brand new sports car” because based on the ’09 F458 Italia.

Even though there is a chance that some fans don’t think this way because Ferrari did a great job during the development through the years with Pista version, for example, a timeline indicates that the 488 GTB has come to an end. Taking an example, the Ferrari F360 Modena is from 1999 to 2004, the Ferrari F430, started in 2005 and ended in 2009. The replacement was exactly the Ferrari F458 Italia (2009 – 2015).
The engine, V-configuration and turbo should go on, due to the fact that Ferrari has invested time to develop, but also, the capital. However, the hybridization is here. The question is, now or later.
Maranello-based has to analyze the viability immediately to be first and establish a new level in terms of performance and leave others car manufacturers behind because, in a very clear movement that McLaren and Porsche are going to introduce – as a mid-cycle refresh in their sports cars – P14.2 and 992.2, respectively, batteries to define the word eco-friendly.

Holding the electric motor back, Ferrari enthusiasts could enjoy a little bit more on gas and wait – as usual – for a Special hybrid Version.

Another element is the design. Which the focus is on GT’s, for instance, F812 Superfast is responsible for connecting all design. F812 Superfast connected to SP1 and SP2, the Portofino is old-design F12, which the last one replaced by F812 Superfast and GTC4Lusso T, which deserve an individual variation, is connected to – of course – to F812 Superfast. To close this cycle, the all-new mid-engine Ferrari must introduce a new philosophy regarding design for the F160.