Supra A90

   A reminder that the A90, for now, the main concerned is how the 335-hp and in a light chassis, close to 1500Kg, are going to translate your speed for anxious customers. How is faster can be? Because it is clear that the all-new-BMW-Japanese is to rival of Porsche, Audi and Alfa Romeo, in a … Continue reading Supra A90

488 GTB (part 1)

  An interesting fact is the F488 GTB isn't an "all-brand new sports car" because based on the '09 F458 Italia. However, there is a chance that some fans don't think this way because Ferrari did a great job during the development through the years with Pista Version, for example.

Holoride System

For sure, there are two ways to interpret the Holoride System made by Audi/Disney.    First, parents’ point of view: "Let me drive, just shut up and play it." On the other hand, kid's perspective: "Let me play, just shut up and drive it."

V12 Era

   Since 1995, the engine downsizing is here, even though Formula 1 (F1) had developed even more the V10, the V8 2.4l took place, and now, the focus is the 1.6l V6, who lives together with a battery system.    Nonetheless, imagine that, somehow and somewhere, Formula 1's managers put aside the hybridization in favour … Continue reading V12 Era