Chevrolet Blazer

Analyzing the Chevrolet lineup, basically, the company design vision is divided in two ways: The Corvette C7 and the Chevy Camaro sixth-generation.

Taking an example, the Chevrolet Cruze and the Malibu front-end received a sleek design from the first one, and the best choice to buy a Camaro-inspired was the Toyota Corolla Eleventh generation. The main reason is, through the black front grille and the LED daytime, gave a harmonic design for the Japanese compact sedan, which didn’t happen to the 2018 Chevrolet Sonic.

2017-chevy-camaro-zl1 (1)
Camaro ZL1
Toyota Corolla

Turn out things are different. From the ashes, the Chevrolet Blazer design gives an impression that finally the Muscle car is well represented – and how the Chevrolet Camaro needs this support. Because, as long as the Corvette and Camaro keep sharing powertrains today and near future in their new generations, they are going to do the same job but with a different method. 

Being a mid-engine sports car, the Corvette is going to push boundaries, establish a new level in terms of being the ultimate expression of speed ally with precision in-house, in meanwhile, as a front-engine, Camaro maintains the same philosophy on being a sports car with a lot horsepower with a reasonable price. 

About the Chevrolet Blazer, an important question to make is: this mid-size Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) is going to sell as expected and pay the investment? Well, according to Chevrolet, the Blazer only starts to sell in 2019. For now, the design, that is a key element that could not only help to boost the Chevrolet sales also help to introduce for Cadillac, the Escala Concept traits in their assembly line.

Chevrolet Blazer
The Cadillac Escala Concept