McLaren Speedtail (BP23)

The Evolution takes time.

The McLaren “Mega Mac” 2012
McLaren BP23 is now the Speedtail

Opinions: There is a GTR/LT version for the Speedtail on the way. Every single McLaren had or has a race variation. For example, the 570S has the 600LT.

What could not happen is a Speedtail Spider version. First, the new Ultimate Series is inspired by the McLaren F1 Longtail, which didn’t have one. 

The second is to look back and realize that the Project P12, as known as the McLaren P1, there wasn’t an open-top because of the hybrid system was so complex and needed enough room to accommodate the 3.8L V8 with the 324 cells, that it was impossible to use the Retractable Hard Top (RHT). As you can see in this picture:


Probably you might say, the Ferrari LaFerrari had a Spider version, the Aperta. And you’re right. But, the project made by the Italian company is different. See if can spotted:



Now, the McLaren P1: 


Of course, it will depend on where is the batteries will be located – the project itself, and another factor that cannot be rejected is if there are a lot of consumers that wish this kind of version, the chance will increase. On the other hand, as a general rule, the history has shown that a Spider version is impossible to materialize.

Another interesting factor is: where is my number 1? The McLaren used to have the number one to demonstrate that specific hypercar is the peak of race-technology.

Nowadays, things had changed. For instance, the first road-car that doesn’t have a number was the McLaren P15. It was named for paying tribute to the Ayrton Senna.

McLaren Senna

Although, a year before, in Formula 1, the Britsh team chose not use the MP4, in favor of MCL32. It represents that was started point to put an end of Ron Dennis era. 

McLaren 650S (P11.2) (2014)
Note: Different from 720S (P14), the McLaren Speedtail don’t expect a “design your own” on the McLaren’s website.