Toyota Supra

Back to 2012, when Lamborghini decided to show the Sesto Elemento, the Italian company not only confirmed that the V10-engine was alive in the line production but also, gave some clues how is going to be the next product, in terms of the design that gave life to Huracán.

As a new sports car, the Huracán had different points of view. As an example, it was classified as not fast enough to compete with the Ferrari 458 Italia and McLaren 650S or was dramatic as expected from a Lamborghini. However, the glory days are here, through the Performante Coupé and the Spyder versions and with the ability to be a rival to them and others that will come.

It means that the Lamborghini launched a concept first, tested and developed through it, and launched a standard/base road-going model, and progressively, produce a version with a track-focus characteristic.

Bear in mind, this is happening with Toyota Supra. The Japanese company had created concept cars through along eight-years. It had the 2010 Toyota Future Toyota Hybrid Sport (FT-HS), after the Toyota Future Toyota-1 (FT-1) and, to break the habit, the entered production Lexus LFA.

For this reason – and if it possible to keep the anxiety away for a moment – and focus the main reason for Toyota Motor Corporation had the strategy to show the GR Supra Racing Concept instead the road-car production.

Opinion: And to add more in this equation, there is another factor that cannot forget. Basically, car makers must deal with limited budget and time, to bring to life a certain car. Thus, at the same time, the GR Supra Racing Concept was in the event, the prototypes are running, collecting data.