Corvette ZR1

When the first news came out about the new Ford GT was underway, there was an unrealistic expectation to know how this new homage is going to behave in this decade. 

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Ford GT

And it wasn’t a disappointment. The new Ford GT is a great car. With the credibility to be rival against the mainstream Europeans sports car, at home, things got more complicated, because there is a new Chevrolet. The Corvette ZR1 based on the C7 version.

Corvette C7 ZR1

By numbers, the details that make these two so special. The ZR1 produce more engine power than the Ford GT, 108hp to more precise. However, with the Carbon Fiber Monocoque and the 20″ Carbon-fibre, where reduce unsprung weight, gives to Ford an advance of 0,104 Kg/hp.

The V-max speed, again, the Blue Oval is the winner, by 4 mph more. But, despite there is no turbo on the Corvette, the supercharger provides 0,15 second faster in 0-100 Km/h, and about torque, the Corvette has taken the lead, with 165 lb-ft more. In contrast, the all-new GT is 0,1 second faster in quarter-mile.

To sum up, about price. Considering both sports cars are based on price in the United States market, the price tag for the Ford GT is inexplicable for some car enthusiasts when it notices that it cost nothing more than 289.943% more than the Corvette ZR1 base model.

On the other hand, it is can be explained by a question: Is there any possibility to think that Ford didn’t want to lose any penny during this project? Considering that the all-new Ford GT is racer car that became a street-legal, but before that, on the “to do list”, was to pay to be on FIA World Endurance Championship, according to this regulation:

“Team entry fees (total amount except Le Mans 24h to be added): 120.000,00 € (exc. VAT) per car.”

Through the history, the Ford GT was classified as an expensive car to buy and maintain. In a clever way, Chevrolet has a vast price range to work with the Corvette, to reach and obtain a larger number of customers, but not only this one, also the Camaro helped the sales. About Ford, has one, the Mustang.  

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Observation: 1) Chevrolet Canada is going to confirm for this Spring, the Corvette price.

Opinions: 1) Ratings: Corvette C7 ZR1: 8/10 (R. 8.027 / 10). Ford GT (2018): 8.5 (R. 8.499 / 10); and,

2) The Corvette C8 Zora with mid-engine finally is going to materialize, after, basically, since the Corvette Experimental Research Vehicle II (CERV II) from 1963. But, even the final sticker price just doesn’t available yet, it is important to make a analyze that if the base model could cost over $80-plus, and that could intervene in sales.

Despite Chevrolet could consider this price, in terms of publicity can use this argument: “we are proud to launch a Corvette mid-engine below $90,000. First in class to offer this engine layout with an affordable price and performance that only the Corvette can offer.”  

However, taking as an example, in Canada, the Coupe 1LT, cost $63,118 CAD (before tax), it represents that many Corvette buyers don’t have to pay a huge amount of money to appreciate this sports car. Tagging the $80-plus, Chevrolet has to think about how to balance the cost-benefit analyses and don’t face what Dodge, with the Viper. Dodge had to create a GT (and GTC) Viper version to be more competitive on market. The price was a little more than $95,000 and it increased sales but didn’t safe Viper life’s.

Viper GTC