Track days

The technology on semi-autonomous are moving fast, even the level 4 and 5 driverless cars are not there yet to be approved by law and sell massive scale, the test still on. In restrict areas where studies are conducting to obtain the maximum of background.

So, it means that the human being will be a relegated to a secondary role? Most of us, yes.

Through two examples, car companies are looking for a new niche segment to attract buyers who decided to buy a driverless car because they prefer to check information on social networks than drive.

Second, the investment must be paid. The research and development for a technology take time and, for a limited budget, car manufacturers, need to profit with this system, for this reason, they will try to sell it as a roadworthy, and clients will trust.

Although, how about the resistance? The track days are one of the solutions for Petrolheads. Consider buying a classic car or sports car that doesn’t have any kind of gizmo, represents is to appreciate a real drive experience.