F1 steering wheel

The today news on Formula 1’s website has informed for the next season that:

“An increase in race fuel allowance from 105 to 110 kg. This will allow drivers to use the engine at full power at all times.”

First, this information isn’t quite true. I mean, today is impossible for a Formula 1 driver to do a flying lap every single time for two reasons.

First Formula 1 (F1) has been known as the pinnacle of motorsport where tech features have been developed by teams with successful performance, and F1 driver has become more than champion, a hero, has imposed a limited of cost to impose to the wealth team to invest a huge amount of money that could generate unbalance during the championship.

Second, the F1 has established, for instance, the 2018 season the teams have only three engines, three turbos and three Motor Generator Unit-Heat (MGU-H) for the twenty-one races. It represents a margin of error is too small to put down all the energy that it has in one or two races.

For this reason, nowadays the steering wheel isn’t a steering wheel anymore. The F1 steering wheel is a computer.

Taking an example of road cars, in 1984 the Ferrari Testarossa is basic a wheel, to move right and left.

Ferrari testa
Ferrari Testarossa

As part of the evolution and for safety reason, the Ferrari F360 Modena had got an airbag for driver and passenger.  Nowadays, the Ferrari LaFerrari (2013) steering wheel is an all-in-one computer where is possible to manage itself. The driver can fire up the engine, adjust the suspension, and the second most essential element in a Ferrari from these days is the Manettino.


Through these dials, are possible to configure Wet, Sport, Race, CT off and ESC off. It means that it gives the opportunity to the driver to drive as wishes, when is dealing, e.g., with weather conditions. And the Manettino prevents overheat and controls the fuel consumption. For example, the Sport mode, the Ferrari is calmer to be driven in downtown, the definition of hold your horses. Different from the transition to the Race mode there is a sustainable energy delivery by the V12 connected to a hybrid system.

The Manettino took an inspiration from the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1, in the same way,  all knowledge applied to Formula 1 race car to last in one piece.