Audi e-Tron Vision Gran Turismo

Through the e-tron Vision Gran Turismo, Audi seems to demonstrate how the company is committed to Formula E and left behind the Dieselgate.

However, Audi has lost two greats opportunities. First, to bring back the Audi Ur-quattro after two study concepts (2010 and 2013), this new e-tron concept looks like that Audi stretched version of it and didn’t work very well. And second, maybe it is too soon to see a hypercar that sits above the Audi R8 with the Le Mans Prototype (LMP) layout.

Obs. Considering the focus is to reinvigorate this R8 (Mk2) line-up, a V6 2.9l, Audi should consider a 48V mild-hybrid system for the R8 to compete with Honda/Acura NSX and give more emphasis on hybrid variation.