Preparing an SUV-Lotus based on the platform from the Volvo XC60/XC90, is there any chance to use the Volvo engine on this SUV? There is a real chance that it happens because it will meet and respect the deadline.  However, there is another factor cannot be ignored is: how could it affect the Lotus on the next-generation Evora, … Continue reading Lotus-Volvo

McLaren SUV

Since November 2010 there is a discussion about why McLaren Automotive doesn’t have a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). And still on because, this year, it has informed that there is no sunshine for it. Initially, car factories have been developing and improving new techniques to produce with more quantity and quality. One the best moment … Continue reading McLaren SUV

Camaro 2019

On road since 2017, the Camaro ZL1 is a new sports car and, for sure, clients are going to enjoy it and followed the principle of the 1LE parts are designated to build due to GT4 homologation reasons, give not only a striking looking, also a functional one. However, the main concern is how Chevrolet … Continue reading Camaro 2019