Jaguar E-Pace

How overpriced is the Jaguar E-Pace in Canada? First, the design is the highlight of this crossover. Basically, the headlights, rear-end and inside were inspired by the F-Type. The only difference is the doors lines, came from the F-Pace.

Jaguar brings to Canada, the same version it sells in England, the First Edition. These two words give an impression of exclusivity. However, this is not the case, because the price that was stipulated overcome the barrier of luxurious and reaches the sports SUV`s segment included Audi SQ5 Progressive and BMW X3 M40i Performance.

By numbers, the base models Audi establish a price at 61,300.00, so it generates $173,16 CAD per horsepower. BMW started at $ 61,500.00, has 173,24. The Jaguar F-Pace First Edition, the price tag is $59,000.00, it means that it costs $238,86 CAD per horsepower.

And continuous this math, the Audi still less expensive, when a customer decided to buy the Driver Assistance Package and quattro with sport differential, which cost $1,500.00 and $1,900.00, respectively. The price per horsepower still 23,486% ($182.76 CAD) less than the Jaguar. And BMW client, choosing to buy the Premium Package Essential for $ 4,900, still 17,922% (196.05 CAD), less expensive the Jaguar crossover.

About the performance, in theory, the Audi is fastest 0-100, did 5.3 seconds, Jaguar did 7.0 seconds. The BMW has done in 4.8 seconds. And despite the BMW produce a little bit early than the Audi in maximum torque in lb-ft, the Germans have 369, the Jaguar 27,10% less. It means that Jaguar cannot keep up in a drag race, for example.

For last, Jaguar worked on to make the appropriate modifications to adapt the Ingenium in the E-Pace nose, but the platform is based on the first-generation Range Rover Evoque. The problem is, the Evoque is based on in a vehicle from 2006, the second-generation Freelander. It represents that the British company cut corners where the main rivals had a new platform, BMW using the CLAR platform and Audi MLB-evo.

Although, not everything is lost. Jaguar in Canada can resolve the lack of variation, e.g. invest in diesel version, from the D150 front-wheel-drive manual to D180 all-wheels-drive automatic and a SVR Version. Working to have a competitive price, will be a new beginning for E-Pace.