It is good to read about TVR is back with the second-generation Griffith. Powered by Ford and tweaked by Cosworth, the V8, now have 500hp, which gives a 2,5 hp/kg. TVR brought a touch yesteryear and future. The past, the new sports car has a clutch pedal which kept the same formula as the old generation and from the future, the iStream process replaced the tubular steel chassis.

With this return, there are three questions to be analyzed: First, is TVR prepare to deal with the high expectation for the new Griffith? Because it took almost twelve-years to produce a new product, which the company should consider that we are living a completely different world, more certain from the 80’s and 90’s. These olden times, when a sports car had a problem, e.g. if there was an engine failure that could result in a fire, it was a bright side of being a real-true sports car. Nowadays, if it happens, it means a complete disaster. It represents a lack of refinement and technique that could cause of waste time and money with a recall, for example.

Second is TVR is well-known for the maker’s mark in a funny way, and with five hundred units named Griffith Launch Edition, will be possible to see this old habit? And, the last one is, when TVR will be back to race for categories like GT3 and GT4 specs? Racing is one the best ways to obtain background to discover what can be done and tested for this new vehicle and transfer this knowledge to the next vehicle.

Opinion: A good question is: it is time to think about the new TVR Cerbera Speed 12?  I understand that a new hypercar with V12-configuration with a thousand horsepower and lightweight body in the market is more than welcome, even though these three points above are the most important thing to do because this British company has to be in perfect harmony with what the clients’ desire and the dealership has to be precise at work. Hybrid or not, V6 twin-turbo or V12-madness, the Speed 12 can wait.