Dallara Stradale

The first news that Dallara is going to bring to the world their first sports car was in August 2014. And, after four years of development, finally is here.

Named Stradale, there is any kind of steering assist, which will give an analog drive experience and weighs just 855 kg dry. On full power, delivery 400hp, so it generates a good 2.137 Kg/hp and when compared to the main rivals, Alfa Romeo 4C, 3.916 Kg/hp and the Caterham 620R, 1.845 Kg/bhp.

However, the point to be discussed is what is Dallara expecting with the Stradale? Where I can see, the main line is to apply all the work and knowledge that it has been obtaining in IndyCar Series and Formula 1, for this sports car. Even have to adjust and achieve the right price, expand the brand in the strategic market, for example in North America, and, in a near future, develop a Stradale Competition, Dallara has a promising future on selling their cars.