Ferrari parts

What have in common between the Maserati, the HAAS F1 and Alfa Romeo is that all three have a Ferrari component.

With the Maserati GranTurismo has been using the F136 engine, it is a V8 4.7 liter which generates the 405 PS to 460 PS. Through the Formula 1, Ferrari provided the transmission and power unit (V6 1.6L Hybrid ERS a.k.a. SF70H’s 062-engine) for VF-17, and still responsible for the next VF-18 for HAAS F1. About Alfa Romeo, the Stelvio Quadrifoglio has the same configuration engine, a twin-turbo V6 90º engine from the Giulia, result of development with Ferrari.

Of course Ferrari shares responsibility when something could go wrong, for example, a possible recall could happen, but the  name Ferrari is a formula to generate status and clever engineering, and on road and at Formula 1, the aim is the Scuderia 17M.