McLaren P13GT

Even with the system so-called Touring Deck, which adds 220 liters storage space – creating a total of 350 liter – the McLaren 570GT definitely does not have the same practicality when its compared to the Bentley Continental GT (2017), which is a proper GT coupé 2 + 2 and storage space of 358 liters.

Touring Deck has two more problems. First it won’t let you see the M838TE-engine because engine bay is cover by the Nappa or Alcantara optional trim. And the compartment is located closed to the sides-pods, where is possible to scratch the paint when is going to lean to grab a backpack, for example.

On the other hand, can be classified as a market research? Yes, it can.  For instance, to understand ow many clients desire to buy a GT McLaren version