Volvo XC40

Volvo launched the XC40 on September 28, 2017. This compact-SUV shares the company vision in terms of design, for instance the front-end came from the XC90 and XC60. And although the C-pillar should interfere the visibility when is in reverse because it is too wide, the rear parking camera is standard.

In Canada the prices are $39,500 for the base model and R-Design, $43,700 before taxes, and offers two options, the diesel and petrol engines. However as part of the Volvo’s plan, the plug-in hybrid version is in the horizon which makes to think about to wait for buy one. The main reason is going to have the Electric Vehicle Incentive Program (EVIP) which reduces total price also you can save money on gas and you have a update car.  

About the next C30 generation isn’t clear yet. If Volvo takes the same road as Jaguar, and decided to not have a XE hatchback and replaced it for the E-Pace, Volvo will not invest on a Volvo C40. At the same time the hatchback market demands a conscious investment, on the other hand, the selling  is promising in Europe and the Swedish company has the Compact Modular Architecture platform (CMA), which is direction to chase to expand through it.