Maserati Levante

To not lose any more time, Maserati brought a research design in 2011, the Kubang, and after five years of development, it has new platform and engine, design and name, the Levante.

To speed the production up and reduce costs, the Levante was based on the latest Quattroporte and Ghibli architectures and engines.   

In terms of design, this SUV has lines very linear, elegant. The front end makes to think why Alfieri 2+2 Concept is taking so long, and the interior is organize.  About the name, Levante follows the Maserati’s history.  

Alfieri Concept
Alfieri 2+2 Concept. Profit is the answer.

After all what is the main problem with the Levante?  The main problem is, when Maserati had started to think about Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), the market already was very well structured. For example, Porsche was launching the second generation Cayenne, with the Turbo S was classified the Ultimate Sport SUV, and Range Rover, which already known by the off-road capability, in one year before, had received a facelift.

With these two examples show is that every company was bringing a different character to establish on a competitive SUV market.  If you decided to buy any kind of SUV, choose one through who fits better in your personality and necessity. And that what the Maserati Levante needs to find to stare at the sun.