Dodge Ram 2019

The all-new Dodge Ram 1500 2019 with all the chrome parts – inclusive on the grille – makes the headlamps didn’t fit very well the same way did happened to GMC Sierra 1500 SLE/SLT. To give a real meaning of powerless-V8-HEMI, the 1500 Rebel 2019 is the best representative choice of it.

2019 Ram 1500 Limited
GMC Sierra
RAM Rebel

Despite the Enhanced shifter Area will give some headache to some customers because the rotary e-shifter is too close to so many buttons, they aren’t an example of practicality, the optional 12-inch screen is different. Is simple to use, an intuitive one.

About the ruthlessly competitive between Ford, Chevy and Toyota, Dodge brings a high-tech features for instance the progressive rate spring to link coil suspension has increased the capability as expect from 1500 Ram pick-up truck and the Active Air Dam manager a 0.357 Cd. This an important element that improve the consumption and dirigiblility and when compared to others Cd, the Ram took advanced on Ferrari F50 with a 0,372 Cd, and very close to the Ford GT 2017 which has 0,350 Cd.