BMW M5 F90

Name: BMW M5 (F90)

Specifications: 4.4-Litre, Twin-Turbo V8, 600 hp and four wheels drive.

Performance: 0-100: 3,4 sec., 305 km/h, 241 Km/CO2 and 0 to 200 in 11,1 sec.


1) Different from E60, the F90 has a conservative design. The M5 is a beautiful sedan, that makes to remember the philosophy and precision lines from of the E34 for example and an evolution of the F10; 

frr e60
E60 BMW M5
E34 M5
M5 F10 Competition Pack

2) The iDrive system – which provides a lot of settings and way more simple when compared to M5 E60 system, the F90 followed the same footsteps of F10, three-to-three – is one the best in-class because is intuitive and practical. Now BMW has added a second M-button, which makes more free will to decide what you want from the sedan; and,  

3) 4.4 litre V8 performance and efficiency.   


1) The BMW F90 starts at $113,300 CAD, and what you get more when put the BMW M550i xDrive (G30) side by side? First of all the M5 has the carbon fibre roof is standard. With this increase terms of torsional rigidity and becomes more agility and reduce drag. About horsepower, the F90 generates 145hp more, 0-100, the M550i is 0.6 second slower than M and in terms of CO2 emission, the M5 with more power and aerodynamic, is more efficiency, produces 2,489 hp/CO2 and the M550i generates only 1,607 hp/CO2.

On paper, the M5 is better every single way than the M550i xDrive. Yet to justify the $110+CAD, the F90 has to be supreme, and that starts the problem. When the first M5 was released in 1985, BMW always make to believe the Motorsport is a unique super sedan, a complete M, the ultimate expression of super sedan. However it was right until the E60. In 2011 the M5 F10 debuted, and after three years the german company launched the M5 with Competition Pack adding more 25 hp, more track focus with a shaper chassis and 0,2 second faster the regular version. So the M5 `11 was an incomplete M. And 2018 the same history again, the M5 `18 will have the same basically tweak. The Mercedes-Benz is more clear with the customer when has the E63 S AMG and E63 AMG standard. The BMW’s client who has decided to buy the F90 First Edition could deal with a high depreciation; 

2) Still a heavy sedan, around 1930 kg, despite the fact the options can make lighter (between 15 and 60 Kilograms), it is lighter than the previous generation;

3) The driver can choose between the 4 WD, 4 WD Sport and 2WD settings. Even though the four-wheel-drive gives a better traction and for this reason it possible to make a better corner, gives to the driver a sensation of it possible to drive the F90 anywhere, independently of weather conditions. Regardless when the 2WD system is on, the extra weight of 4WD still there, it adds up weight distribution and interferes on the fuel consumption, for example; and,

4) At same time the build construction is impeccable which brings safety in case of an accident and comfort to the passengers, the engine sound is muffler inside the cabin. So the V8 rumble is computerize and induction by a car stereo speakers for the driver’s seat.

M5 F90


1) The active aerodynamic system isn’t efficiency as the Porsche Panamera Turbo Mk2;

3) The F90 isn’t a 50:50 weight distribution anymore; and,

4) The “Driving Assistant Plus” should not be an optional. It costs $ 1,500 CAD. 

Conclusion: Is the most M5 advance BMW ever? No, it isn’t. When compared to the BMW F10 and E60, the new F90 has a lack of character, innovation and more, in only six months, it will be dated because of Porsche Panamera 4 e-Hybrid Executive and Mercedes-Benz E63 Black Series. Even the Competition Package underway, BMW won’t a bring a new step in terms of super sedan. The M5 deserves to be a hyper sedan.

Observation: The M5 price before tax, fees and no optional. 

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Opinions: 1) Rating: 7,9 /10 (R. 7,899 / 10);

2) Is not the most advanced car on the market. It looks BMW is waiting for the hybridization to invest just like opened, in 2011, the BMW i. The problem is Porsche already has a Panamera Turbo S e-Hybrid and, another is Mercedes-Benz is preparing a new E-Class Black Series, in the others words, BMW M5 was the ultimate expression of power, luxury and desire. Today, M5 is relegated to the past through the F10 and E60. Now Porsche and Mercedes-Benz have a better sedans;

3) BMW always wanted to bring something new to the 5-Series M. The E39 was the fastest sedan in 2003 with 400bhp, the E60 the V10-F1 and the F10 the first M5 turbo. What were they have in common? They were RWD. In essence, the F90 didn’t respect the RWD, if BMW wants to keep the RWD’s tradition, there was another technique, the rear-wheel-steering wheel system; and,

4) Dual-clutch to automatic gearbox, justify for the next BMW M5 will be a hybrid.