Jaguar, 4 cyl

Name: F-Type Convertible R-DYNAMIC (2018).

Specifications: 296bhp, 4cyl turbo and automatic gearbox.

Performance: 0-60 in 5.1 sec., 248 Km/h and 163g/km CO2.


1) Launched in 2012  and the facelift in this year, which changed the exhaust pipes design for 2l version – and lost the chrome pipe just like the 400 SPORT AWD –  still have a striking design, and for this reason, it has been being an inspiration for Jaguar’s lineup, for example, the rear-end F-Pace; and,

296bhp, 2l and R-DYNAMIC

2) In terms of overall length, the F-Type is bigger than the Audi RS by 0.291mm but its 60Kg lighter than Audi TT RS. And despite is smaller than the Chevy Camaro by 0.302mm, the Jaguar still 224 Kg lighter.


1)  The main reason to buy the 4cyl Jaguar is the CO2 emission, 163 g/km CO2. For now, the driver pays less government tax. Jaguar has claimed that this engine downsizing will be soon hybrid.


1) The engine sound is not made by exclusivity from the engine, it is tuned by computer; and, 

2) The price starts north of £55,385 (without tax and fees). It is too much for this version when compared for what it offers. If put together the Chevy Camaro and Audi TT RS, and analysed what they are offering the Jag. isn’t a good value. It doesn’t performance as expect from a British sport car, the engine sound is not realaggressive as the V8-Chevy and more expensive than Audi TT RS.

Conclusion: Jaguar, there was a better option than the 2.0l, a 1.6-litre four-cylinder over 500bhp technology.

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Opinions: 1) Rating: 6,5/10 (R. 6,499/ 10); and,

2) The price is offering is too high for UK and Canada. The 4cyl F-Type only justify if it was hybrid.