Ferrari, Lusso

Name: Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Specifications: V12 – 65°, naturally aspirated and 7-speed F1 DCT.

Performance: 0-100 in 3,4 sec., 332,8 Km/h and 160 Km/h in 6,4 sec.


1) Definitely is the best part of the car is the V12-engine. Fire up and will make to forget about weight, the running costs and depreciation. The 6.3 naturally aspirated has their own characteristic, a dramatic sound, linear torque and 0-100, 5,882%% faster than the new Bentley Continental and 0,1 second than the Aston Martin Vanquish S. The definition of visceral-fast-V12;

Ferrari V12, GTC4Lusso

2) The are many options to choice (despite the base model price). The combination with Giallo Modena color, 20”Forged diamond rims, the black ceramic exhaust pipes, Nero trim and carbon fibre dashboard makes a beautiful; and,

3) The technology features based on Formula 1.


1) Even for Ferrari standards, is a heavy car. According to Ferrari, the GTC4Lusso weights 1.790 kg (dry). However isn’t the heaviest, Bentleys weights over 2-tons. And through the weight distribution of 47:53, it is well balance because it has two gearboxes to distribute the torque for the wheels, different from the Aston Martin, the 51:49;

2) The Ferrari GTC4Lusso is not exactly beautiful. Establishing a timeline, the Ferrari Lusso would be the Ferrari Daytona 365 GTB/4 (1964–1965) and the F812 Superfast is the Ferrari 275 GTB (1964–1965) / the Ferrari 250 GTO (1962–1964). Co-existed and had different designs allied to Ferrari sportivity; and, 

Ferrari 250 GTO
365 GTB/4

3) Won’t expect to be eco-friendly. It is a V12-Engine with 690 hp and heavy car. And when compared to new Bentley Continental, produce around 2,251 CV/CO2 and Ferrari astonish 1,971 CV/CO2 however is better than the Aston Martin, the Vanquish did 1,960 CV/CO2 and the Ferrari Four (FF) 1,833 CV/CO2.


1) The price vary between £232,000 to £ 295,000 it is expensive when compared to  and, despite is old platform and engine, Aston Martin Vanquish S and new Bentley Continental GT, they start from £200,000 (without tax or fees);

Conclusion: To create a distinguish between GT-Class line up, Ferrari created the first Ferrari four-wheel-drive, the Ferrari Four (F151), the GTC4Lusso is part of this evolution. Following the Daytona’s design, it has a clean design. Very odd  from the 250’s – mad – design, the same way that F12 (f152) and F812 Superfast are. V12 Grand Tour.

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Observation: 1) CO2 was based emissions combined, Version “Euro 2”, on Ferrari website.

Opinions: 1) Rating: 8,1/10 (R. 8,146 / 10); and,

2) However it can not deny that the evolution this engine, in terms of power, emission and technology. Taking as example the 1992 Ferrari 456 GT with 492 cv and 520 g/km, so represents a 0,946 CV/CO2, and now it is better than the Aston Martin Vanquish S (1,960 cv/CO2) and there is opportunity to develop through the Ferrari LaFerrari V12-hybrid. The LaFerrari emits 330~333g/km – producing 2,891 CV/CO2, and of course it is completely different car, a hypercar. Because is lighter because of the extensive carbon-fibre and didn’t have the four-wheel-drive however, in a world where hyper, super, sports and family cars had changed to fit in this eco era.