Subaru, STi

Name: Subaru WRX STi

Specifications: 300 PS, Boxer 2,5l , Six-manual transmission and 4WD;  

Performance: 0-62 in 5.2 sec., Top speed 254,40 Km/h and 242 g/km.


1) The WRX STi has different features technology with all abbreviation it is possible to imagine. For instances for that are the SI-DRIVE (Subaru Intelligent Drive) and Multi-Mode Driver’s Control Centre Differential (DCCD). Those examples just justify how fast is the STi;

2) The drive can test all the skills through the mechanical engineering applied for this sport car. 300PS-engine, a proper six-manual gearbox and torque vectorial to make drift or/and powerslide;

3) The WRX STI base model starts from £31,995.00. The main two competitors, the Ford Focus RS Edition and the Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 4MATIC; cost £35,795 and £43,780 respectively. It makes the WRX STi an attainable choice, even when all options available, for example, the WRX STI Styling Plus Pack which costs £1.770, it is less expansive than Ford RS by £5.570; and,

4)  Despite the WRX concept `13 gave the “Hawk-Eye” and the 20“ wheel size, Subaru chose for the WRX the same essence from the Subaru Impreza 1997 (first-gen), for example. It means that kept the classic and nostalgic feeling with modern design.  

WRX Concept


1) It is optional the “Rear Parking Aid”, for £429,00; and,

2) Despite scored the TOP SAFETY PICK + in 2017 by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), it doesn’t have Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) though.  


1) The WRX STI Type S and S208 NBR Version are only available on japaneses market; 

Subaru STi 208

2) There isn’t the carbon-fibre roof on WRX UK; and, 3) The CO2 emission is very high for a Turbocharged car. When compared to CLA-Mercedes, the Subaru emits 242g/km. Merc. 162.

Conclusion: It is a sport car for real drivers. It is possible to live for day-by-day also, the main habit is for race track (track days) For a reason price tag when analyse his category, the WRX STi is one the best in class. Workers, a fast car.

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Opinion: 1) Rating: 7,4 /10 (R. 7,492/ 10).