McLaren, P13

Name: McLaren 540C Coupé (P13).

Specifications: V8 Twin-turbo, 3.8-Litre, 533bhp and 7 Speed SSG.

Performance: 0-100: 3,5 sec, 318,4 Km/h, and 0-200 in 10,5 sec.


1) Inspired by the 1981 McLaren MP4/1 Formula 1 car and applied on the MP4/12C carbon fiber tub, McLaren Automotive has brought to this entry-level road car, the Carbon MonoCell II chassis. It proved to be one of fundamental safety key, also gave a lightweight of 1.311kg which contributes to the weight distribution 42:58;

Monocell I on 12C together with MP4/1

2) Despite the 540C is not a hybrid, it has the same principle used on the McLaren P1 and MSO 688, the block capacity engine a 3,799cc, twin-turbo V8 assembled with the 7-speed;  

3) To give a different drive feeling, McLaren chose a different setup. The anti-roll bars, coil springs and together with the power steering  hydraulically assisted give a analogic experience; and,

4) It is possible to add-on the “McLaren Track Telemetry and 3 Cameras”.


1) When compared to 0-100 and 0-200 performance, the P13 is faster than two main rivals, Mercedes-Benz GT R and Audi R8 RWD. It is 0,1 and 0,2 second respectively. And won in terms of CO2 emission. According to McLaren the 540C emits 258 g/km, Merc. 259 and Audi 9,689% more. And even being lighter than Porsche 911 (991) Turbo, the 540C rear drive is not capable to beat up this four-wheel drive in 0-100, and CO2. The german can reach in 3 seconds and 21,698% more efficient, and fuel consumption, is 1.554 km/l better;

2) Launched on November 05, 2015, the McLaren 540C already feel a little dated for two reasons: First the design followed the same philosophy from the P1 and 650S. The P1 already stopped to produce, the second one, has officially the 650S GT3. As part from the progress, today there is a new Super Series, the 720S (P14) and the Ultimate Series BP23 (P15), which will bring a new design language. And another example is the 720S substituted the words “Normal mode”, initiated with the 12C, to “‘Comfort mode”; and,

3) McLaren Automotive didn’t adopt the aero active aerodynamic as example of 675LT.

McLaren 675LT
675LT rear wing


1) To create a price gap between others McLaren, the 540C with all the optional (for example, it possible to buy the carbon ceramic brakes), it becomes expensive. But staying with the iron brakes, there is a possibility of brake fade;

2)  The same way the McLaren 720S doesn’t have the rear-wheel steering, the 540C is too;

3) The engine sound is not evident as a V10-engine; and,

4) Electricals issues still a problem, for example the tyre pressure and nose Lift.

Conclusion: Today the 540C is the most daily driver McLaren’s house. It is a sport car for a relaxing drive and it is possible have fun during a track day. About the price tag, for asian market, it has a competitive price. On the other hand,  Canada and United Kingdom markets, there are much better options.    

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Observation: Observations: 1) It wasn’t the first time that McLaren used the numbers and the letter C to designate a specific road car version. In september 2014, the British team created a McLaren 625C (P11) to sell it in the asian market. And the letter C, stood for Club.

Opinion: Opinions: 1) Rating: 7,9/10 (R. 7,915 / 10);

2) The McLaren 570S is thirteenth prototype of this British Automaker Company. As known as P13, it has a very clear objective: to be the most seller car ever made by McLaren. There are two reasons for that: First one is it is easy to build. Not only the it does not has the clever hydraulic suspension and adding full carbon-fiber body just like the McLaren P1, it does not has the hybrid system for, gradually, to keep the competitive price. A lot of New Version will be launched on the market (XP104 and VP5): to understand how the line-up works, the first Version of P13, the 570S (P13.1). The production had begun in November, 05, 2015, and for now, there are, at least, seven variations(4), that include the P13.1.2 is the 540C, the P13.1.3 is 570S GT4, the P13.1.4 is the 570S Spirit, P13.1.5 is the 570GT, P13.1.6, the one-off 570S Coupe and 3850S, the P13.1.7;

3) P13.2: Woking headquarters implement a new system, just follow by the same principle of 720S, the Normal mode will be change for Comfort mode, to make the driving mode softer styling and more usable on B-road, and to become more alive the sport exhaust should produce a louder sound – and reduce weight;

4) Base on, the 12C starts from a price of £99,995, negotiate not only the price itself also the extend the warranties. Despite the fact it is a old model prototype (P11),   it is faster and clever when taking as example the McLaren 540C. Canada, you can find a Audi R8 V10 Plus for $232,000.00; and,

5) BP23: McLaren X-1 is a MP4-12C’s variation. However, as the first car made/modification by MSO, the “X” means eXPerience, 1, means first or #1. If classify like the BP23, the X-1 is the BP12, 1 first project (XP), and number 2, two seats. 12C. MCL1 / MP4/1, 4.0 Litre V8 ERS, with more 1.200 bhp, new eight speed SSG, weight less 1.259 kg. 0-100 Km/h in 2,7seg, and a Long Tail Version, +420Km/h.

BP23 (P15)