Name: 6-Series Gran Turismo xDrive M Sport (G32).

Specifications: 6cyls in line, 335bhp, 450Nm and petrol.

Performance: 155mph, 0-100: 5,3 sec and 35.3mpg.


1) The BMW had applied the same features technologies where can find on 7-Series for 6-Series Gran Turismo. Taking as examples the adaptive dampers and active steering and allied with a precise chassis, makes the ride comfortable;

2) Bigger than the BMW 5-series, the 6GT is more roomy in the back seat and more practical because it is 7,017% more boot capacity. It means the 6GT prioritizes more leg room comfort than the design;

3) Active aero are available through the active boot spoiler (works over 68mph) and active radiator grille flaps, it improves the stability, give agility and produce downforce; and,

4) The design interior is refinement and elegant, as expect from this german company.


1) The front-end has adopted from the 5-Series (G30) design, and yet, it’s still not desirable, from the point of view of the coupé rear-end shape isn’t a marvel in design;


2) BMW tried to give the same sensation when drive a SUV, a generally  high driving position. As long as some clients will not complain about it, and drive with no problems, on the other side, it can ward off customers who like a position typical of a BMW M-car; and,

3) BMW Gesture Control and Head-up Display are optional included in the Technology package.


1) The BMW 540i xDrive M Sport Touring is less expensive, it starts from £53,570.00, and 6GT is from £57,570, It is a huge £4,000 gap price. And about performance, the Gran Turismo isn’t much better than the BMW 540i xDrive M Sport Touring: 0-60 the 6GT is 0,2 slower, 11,111% less fuel-efficient and 70Kg heavier. It means the B58B30-engine on the 6-series has to work much more to cope with the extra weight, beside passengers average weight;    

2) Seat backrest adjustment rear is optional; and,

3) For now, there isn’t hybrid variation available.

Conclusion: Not the most beautiful design from BMW, however considering that the car market has Audi, with S7 (Mk2), and Mercedes-Benz CLS (Mk3), BMW bet, again, with kind of design. Furthermore the 6 GT version is for who wants a different BMW-experience, a SUV driver position, a lot of roomy and capacity and don’t want a real SUV.

Reference: BMW’s website:

Opinions: 1) Rating: 7,5/10 (R. 7,515 / 10); 

2) Considering the Audi S7 (Mk2) has a better design and Porsche took, at least, seven-years to make the Panamera  a quite good-looking, BMW was the third attempt to have a GT-Version a desirable design which, unfortunately, is not this case; and,

First BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo
3-Series GT was the second one

3) For clients found out the 6 GT is a bit ugly, there is another 6 that be considerate, the german company had been offering since the 1999, the a X5. The better optional is the BMW X5 xDrive40d M Sport with Sport automatic transmission. Despite the fact it is £2,850 more, it possible to negotiate a discount because this version will be replace for a new generation. And another key-element is the optional list for the 6-Series GT. Choosing the Driving Assistant (£895), Driving Assistant Plus (£2.250), Adaptive 2-axle air suspension (£1670) and the Parking Assistant with Parking Assistant Plus, this whole pack will cost £5.705. On the other hand, the BMW SUV, the Driving Assistant and the Adaptive M suspension are standard, the optional Surround-view (£530,00) and Park Assist (£300) makes the X5 representative economy of £695, and even the emission is the same, the xDrive40d consumes less fuel, around 15,864% better.