Hyundai, 271bhp

Name: Hyundai i30 N (2018)

Specifications: 2L 4cly, turbo engine, 271bhp and 260 lb ft.

Performance: 0-100: 6.1 sec, 155mph and 14,08 Km/l.


1) The i30 N is capable to reach 155mph (248Km/h), so it follows your main rival, the Golf GTI with the basic electronically limited;

2) Standard equipments included the adaptive cruise control and adaptive suspension, and 8-inch and Safety system for example the autonomous braking, lane keep assist and road sign recognition; and,

3) Performance Pack add the limited slip differential.

i30 N


1) The design continuous morden, despite the fact when compared to Honda Sport 2016 or Type R 2017, Hyundai didn’t choose a daring design. Conservative and simple; and,

Honda Civic Sport 2016

2) £24,995 is good, otherwise the depreciation is problem Hyundai’s customers;


1) The computerized-engine sound; and,

2) There aren’t a 3-door version and an automatic version.

Conclusion: Price and practicality are the great triumphs of i30 N. However it doesn’t mean it is a new beginning for Hyundai in terms of sportivity. In fact is a good basic step forward, that will bring benefits to Veloster Turbo second-gen and a Rally version i20-street.  

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Observations: 1) Not the first hatchback made by Hyundai, the first was the Veloster Turbo 3,5-door (2012); and,

2) The 1.4 T-GDi version, is possible to choose the DCT with seven-speed.

Opinions: 1) Rating: 7/10 (R. 6,985 / 10);

2) The first generation was inspired by BMW 1-series (E87), nowadays the second had followed the design from the Elantra 2013, which was inspired by CLS-Mercedes, and now, the i30 looks a Peugeot 308.

BMW 1-Serie (E87)
First-gen i30
308 GT Line, Peugeot.