Lamborghini, V10

Name: Lamborghini Huracán Performante.

Basic Specifications: 5.2l, V10-naturally-aspirated, all-wheel drive and 1.382kg;

Basic Performance: 0-100 2,9 sec, 323,2 Km/h and 6:52:01 min on The Ring.


1) Nowadays, the obligation is to be a hybrid or at least follow the turbo era, many car manufactures are been pushing to rethink about the naturally-aspirated in a sport car. Taking as example Ferrari had replaced the F458 Italia aspirated-engine to a 3,9-litre twin-turbocharged for 488 GTB.  However Lamborghini has a vast experience on the V10-configuration, this 5,2 Litre wasn’t only in the Gallardo and Sesto Elemento, Audi R8 (Mk1/Mk2) too. The V10 has their fault, e.g. CO2 emission, but the vitality of producing a glorious sound-engine, and together with torque and high revs, define the expression of full power;

Lamborghini Huracán Performante

2)  The aerodynamic system, a.k.a. Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva, makes the Performante a clever car with the front active spoiler and rear active wing. According to Lamborghini:

“and on a full break generates a +750% downforce, high car stability.”

So it means that the Hurancán adapts to generate more drag on curves and give a precisely corner and, on a straight line, reduce drag to go even faster;

Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva (ALA) rear wing

3) There is possibility to buy, as an optional, the “rims log forged 20″ Black with central locking in red”. It give an astonishing look with red calipers carbon-ceramic brakes, and very closed look to the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento; and,

fr lamborghini-sesto-elemento
Sesto Elemento

4) Even it is a all-wheel-drive, the Huracán Performante scales at 1,382 kg (3,047 lb), so it is the same as the RWD 580-2 Huracán and lighter than the Porsche GT2 RS in 88Kg, McLaren 720S in 46Kg and Ford GT (2017) in 3Kg. Lamborghini achieved this number working with lighting materials, for example, carbon-fibre and Alcantara.


1)  Even though Lamborghini haven’t provided the price of the Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R, variable-rack dynamic steering and magnetorheological dampers, in term as base price for this sport car is correct, referent within this category. It starts from £215,000 and most important rivals costs: Porsche GT2 RS £ 207,506.00, McLaren 720S £218,020 and Ferrari £183,964; and,

2) The sensor and back camera are available as optional, however, there is a better way to park, the classic Balboni park style.



1) The Performante, in terms of CO2 emission, is 16,728% more than Porsche GT2 RS `18 and, about the Ferrari 488 GTB `17, emits 20,769% more.


References: 1) Lamborghini website:

Ferrari website:

Porsche website:

McLaren website:

Observation: The GT2 RS price, according to Porsche, already included the VAT.

Opinions: 1) Rating: 9/10 (R. 9,048 / 10)

2) The Porsche GT2 RS is faster at Nürburgring by 4,71 seconds, which is huge gap.  However there is a certain point that Porsche cannot managed, a GT2 RS Cabriolet. I mean, Lamborgini, with the the V10-engine on full power and clear loud sound on a open-top Spyder version combined with lower suspension and active aero pack will give more drama and fun.  And of course, there is a downside of it the weight and performance.


3) It is understandable that the “Rims log forged 20″ Black with central locking in red” is a optional. It gives a real clue what Lamborghini is planning, to distribute all the knowledge obtained through telemetry used on the Sesto Elemento to apply on this Huracán version. Nevertheless, as optional Pirelli Trofeo R tyres, magnetorheological adaptive dampers and variable-rack dynamic steering make to think it appears that the it is a incomplete sport car, as it was shown on YouTube, for instance, it makes to believe that the all the equipment are standard and could be a disappoint for some customers, even knowing that this equips will improve handling and helps the ALA’s system works in your fullness.

Cópia de lamb1

4) There are areas where can be improve the Huracán Performante (V2-Squadra Corse Edition) starting with the Super Trofeo EVO through the air scoop, side mounted air intakes and the 6 pts safety belt. From the Aventador heritage, a Huracán Concept that gives a full-carbon fibre monocoque for the next generation. 

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