Ford, Vignale

Name: Ford Fiesta Vignale (Mk8).

Basic Specifications: 1.0T EcoBoost, 3cly, 140ps, 180Nm and FWD.

Basic Performance: 0-100 9 sec, 200 Km/h and 62,8mpg (26,70 Km/l).


    1) Manual gearbox 6-speed with start-stop and 8,314kg/hp; and,

    2) More roomy and practical than the old generation.


    1) Design didn’t improve that much. The rear-end remember a Ford C-Max 2015 and, the front-end follows the basic inspiration on Mondeo/Fusion 2016 and the new Focus fifth generation, so it means it still a good-looking car. And for buyers, for example in Canada, who decided to buy the Mk7 won’t lose much money because kept the same essence in terms of design;

Ford C-Max `15
Fiesta Mk8


    1) Have to wait, at least three-year ahead, to Ford Fiesta ST version concept.


References: Ford Website:

Euro Ncap:

Opinions: 1) Rating: 7,6/10 (R. 7,646 / 10);

2) The best choice is the Vignale. Starts from price £20,295, 5-door and the gap between  ST-Line price is £550,00. The Vignale design is more conservative, e,g. it doesn’t have the ST-Line X Red Pack option for £150, but is in terms of standard equipments, the Vignale becomes less expensive to buy. It already has the rear view camera with rear parking aid, Openable Panorama Roof, B&O PLAY and invest in the optional the Advanced Auto Park Assistance Pack 2/3, it will add up £200 on a difference price of £180, but it  can make a difference on the average cost to insurance; and,

3) It is an optional for the ST-Line the Electric Rear Windows 5-Door models, Ford backs to the nineties.

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