Alfa, V6

Name: Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.

Basic Specifications: 2,9 Litre, twin-turbo V6, 505 hp, 443 LB-FT, RWD.

Basic Performance: 0-100: 3,9 sec. 191mph and skidpad 1.05g.  


    1) It is a proper Alfa Romeo. First of all, every single detail makes a desirable to buy this sport saloon. Since the unconventional headlamps design is symmetric perfect to the central position classic Alfa Romeo logo, to the coupe shape together with technology, for example, the active aero front splitter and the optional 19″ Dark Quadrifoglio alloy wheels, gave to Giulia striking and aerodynamic look. A masterpiece in terms of design.  

    Secondly the interior design is brilliant, with the “Black Leather/Alcantara sports seats with red stitching and red lower dashboard are door panels” are standard and give a visual perception of refinement, elegance and classic. The paddle shifters are the correct size and the steering wheel had the inspiration on the classics Alfa Romeo.    

psx_20171003_165258529844945.jpg    2) The performance follows design. So this midsize luxury/sport car, which weighs 1524 Kg, makes 0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds, and has 50:50 front/rear weight distribution. The main difference is capable to reach the top speed of 191mph (305 Km/h), the faster car in his class;

   3) Despite it isn’t a hybrid yet, the Quadrifoglio emits CO2 emissions 189g/km. Getting closer is Mercedes-Benz C63 S AMG V8 biturbo, emits 1,587% g/km more. But when Alfa is compared to M3 Competition Package with M DCT, the BMW emits 2,645% more, and got even worse for Audi, with the RS5 (Mk2) 4,232g/km more than the italian sport car; and,

    4) According to Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the  Ti 4-door Giulia was chosen as TOP SAFETY PICK+ award 2017, and despite the fact the european version doesn’t have the knee airbag, obtained on five-stars on Euro Ncap in 2016.

USA Version has the knee airbag.


    1)  The price is correct, but the depreciation still a headache for Alfa Romeo;

     2) Is not roomy enough for the passengers back seats;

    3) Still only available the eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, no manual six-speed underway; and,

   4) The bonnet is made from Carbon-fibre, as well as roof and front seat structures however, Alfa Romeo is asking £5,500/$8,000 for a Carbon ceramic brakes. Mercedes is offering for £4,285, but Alfa stops 2.438 m better than Merc. (112-0 Km/h).


    1) The option Emergency kit costs £31, it is beautiful Kit, for sure It should not be an optional, the same way of charging for the Rear Parking Sensors £ 283 in a sport car that the price starts from £ 61,595; and

    2) Infotainment system isn’t  intuitive as Audi Infotainment System  and It doesn’t have the Head Up Display (HUD) because makes the life’s driver much better to check essential elements, for example the speed and direction.


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Observations: The weight is based on a standard car, no optional was included. And the Giulia Quadrifoglio produce 2,988 (kg/hp) weight to power better than the Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe, 3,891. It means the Giulia overlap through power engine than 4C Coupe’s weight.    


Opinion: Opinions: 1) Rating: 8,8/10 (R. 8,831/10)

2) Alfa Romeo did an astonish job with the Giulia Quadrifoglio in 2016. The  Quadrifoglio received a lot good reviews and it threat for BMW M3 Version and Mercedes-Benz C63 S Saloon. It’s okay that, for now, the two mains focus are on the Stelvio Quadrifoglio also renovate the Giulietta (2009) and Mito (2008), but a 3-door Coupe version and a Sprint GT/Veloce Giulia are necessary not to compete against the BMW M4 CS, Mercedes-Benz C63 S Coupe and Audi RS5 also to expand the Giulia’s market ( #155 Touring car);

Won’t expect a Quadrifoglio Verde 4WD Saloon or Coupe Giulia because of this Stelvio

3) Quadrifoglio makes the 3-Series M a boring car and Mercedes-benz C63 too much serious. This car is what Alfa’s fan expect and desire to buy one;  

4) The Alfa Romeo evolution is noticeable. In the early days of 2006-2008, it had, depending of the market, it had only two cars on sale. After almost nine years later, the Alfa’s has been  investing on new cars like, 4C Spider/Coupe and Stelvio SUV. It needs to bring to the clients the “Concierge Service” just like BMW do it, improve the image from the past on not being the most reliable car and also the being profit by increasing sales; and,

5) 4CV6: Launched in 2013 in Geneva Motor Show, 4C still has a 1,75 liter turbo, 247 hp, no power steering and weight 8951 Kg, based on Coupe version and 940 Kg the Spider.  

So, it’s already passed five years and now it possible to ask is it time to V6 Alfa Romeo 4C?

There are three points saying Yes, and, on the other hand, three points saying No.

Yes #1: Fun:  The F154 engine is the V6 biturbo 2.9-litre for Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde. For this reason, makes this car most alive and absolute fun to drive. So removing all the extra weight (629 Kg2) detuned the 505hp to deliver power engine between 350/404, adapting the a carbon propshaft, using the titanium exhaust and carbon fibre trim as standard, the 4C will be faster than main rivals, Porsche 718 GT4 and Lotus Evora 410. Imagine that the 4C doing less than 3,1 seconds 0-100, much more fun;


Yes #2: Tech: With the V6 power, it is possible to increase and  justify new features technology. Hydraulic power steering, carbon- ceramic brakes, electric active damping system and new aerodynamic pack, that included the rear wing adjustable.

Of course will lose brave-feelling or race elements and will come with a new price tag, but if the Coupe version keeps the weight low targeting on 1.035 kilos and 404 hp, it will have a  2,561 kg/power, in compare to Porsche GT4, is 3,675 kg/power. it means faster flying laps and more downforce; and,


Yes #3: Tradition: since 1979, the V6 layout is with Alfa Romeo, and it was in Alfa 6, the Alfa Romeo Spider `01 and the 166 `07. About the Alfa 6C is away from the assembly line because of the delay of Maserati Alfieri, which share the same platform.


No #1: The 2.9 turbo of Giulia fitted perfect for this sedan and next coupe version. The main problem is the 4cly, 2.0 litre MultiAir Turbo, produce only 280 hp. Represents less than 13,36% step forward in terms of power, but is already 4 cylinder, and do not need some much modification, because of the point No #2;


No #2: Money: there is a difference between investment and cost. First, Alfa Romeo wants to expand the line-up, e.g. Stelvio, so, it is an investment because it has the same engine, electric system, AWD and base. So, expected it returns some money/benefit from that;


Costs representing the all kind of modification will need, for example, on weight distribution on 4C V6 and the point Yes #2: Tech. Certainly, it could be the V6 a prototype version to show that can Alfa can do, and after, the car be on road, but the Italian company needs to be clever to analyse the market and profit, even knowing the 4C 2.0 litre is the conservative idea;


No #3: Ferrari: When we compare some Ferrari and to another Ferrari, the main important thing is analyse how the company had been developed their cars during a specific time, for example, Ferrari F40 and F430 Scuderia.


However, there are difference between a head-to-head against other manufactory, e.g. the Aston Martin Vs. Ferrari, and internal fight, like Alfa Romeo Vs. Ferrari.

If Ferrari wins the, it means celebration. If Alfa loss, remember 246.    


OBS. 1) 800 Kg was the Concept Version.

2) Number is a estimated when it is compare to Giulia dry weight of 1,524 kg and 895 Kg is based on Coupe Version.


Original published on January 30, 2017.

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