Honda, Sport

Name: Honda Accord 2.0T Sport/Touring.

Basic Specifications: 2 Litre 16-valve, Turbocharged, 252 hp and FWD.  

Basic Performance: 252 hp, manual or automatic and, 0-100: 5.7 sec.


    1) The new generation continuous to be practical and roomy, following the foundations for four passengers and enough trunk space;

    2) Collision Mitigation Braking System and Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) are standard, and it help to renew or find the best price to ensure; and,

    3) The tenth-generation increased comfort, for instance, sound-absorbing wheels.


   1) The fastback design seems to be new, for Honda. Taking as an example since 2010, Audi put together in the A7’s design the formula 5-door Sportback. Despite the fact Honda gave to the tenth-generation Civic a revamp, this design concept  is not exactly new;

    2) The Front-wheel Drive is together since the beginning,1976. However, this configuration limits the Accord’s market in certain place where it snow a lot;  

  3) The manual six-speed will force some customers to buy the most expensive version that it costs more than $5,000; and,

   4) Despite the fact the weight distribution is horrible, the Accord weights 1,495 kg and generate good 5,93 weight to power (Kg/HP) for the turbocharged Sport/Touring. Unfortunately the 1,5-Litre, only 7,786 Kg/HP.


 1) 4.9 sec, 306hp, 295 @ 2500-4500, Helical limited slip differential, Comfort/Sport/+R modes drive system, adaptive damper system and 84 Kg less, the The 2-litre works just fine for the Civic Type-R. For the Accord Sport it looks more marketing than a real deal to replace the V6 for this engine. The ninth-generation did, 0-60 mph 0,3 second faster, 0-100 mph 1,3 second faster, and quarter-mile, again, 0,4 faster;

 2) The turbocharged, intercooler, the transmissions and battery in one only place, in the front-end. So for this reason the weight distribution is 60/40% on Sport and even worse on the Touring, 61/39%; and,

  3) The Accord coupe version is not available.

Reference: Honda website:

Opinions: 1) Rating: 6,3/10 (R. 6,300/10)

2) There are too much chrome on the body. The H-front-logo is massive and unnecessary, it has to be simple and elegant, just like the Sixth Generation (1998–2002)


3) Honda claims the Accord is roomy for 5-passengers, however the center seat is narrow and raise up because of the dual rear exit exhaust;

4) it means Honda is putting all your eggs in one basket, in the Civic Type-R; and wait the competition restarted again; and

5) The V6-engine: it gone because it represented a small share so, in terms of market, the best choice is the hybrid version or if you a V6-fan there is the Acura V6-Toyota-Camry. Honda wants the V6 a high status. Type-R Accord as fast as possible, there are more horse to add up for this generation.


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