Aston Martin, V8

Name: Aston Martin DB11

Specifications: V8 twin-turbo, 4.0 Litre, 503bhp. 1760kg

Performance: 0–62 MPH 4.00s, CO2 230g/km and 187mph.


    1) V8 Biturbo engine from Mercedes-Benz. Electronic parts, for example, the GPS Satellite, from Mercedes. Gearbox from german, the ZF. So gave to the Aston Martin a better reliability. More credibility to throw away the expression, British Engineering.

    2)  It is a proper Grand Tourer car. Classic layout, The DB11 is front-mid V8-engine, rear-wheel-drive, well-balance and enough space boot for a not long journey or to fit the roof mechanism for the DB Volante, and,

DB11 Volante

    3) The V8 has a better weight distribution than the V12, 49/51% (front-to-rear).


    1) reduce 150 Kg compared to the V12, however produce only 503bhp, so it represent 19,284% less power engine;

    2) As consequence of the partnership between Aston and Mercedes, the DB11 V8 has the same power engine (503bhp) as the AMG GT S, however, as expect that Aston Martin still working their on way, in terms engine sound, improving the design and developing a new GT3 Racing car;    

    3) The design is more beautiful than on the magazine or video; and,


    4) Is not possible to configure and choose the Under Bonnet Pack. According to Aston Martin, it includes:

      “Aston Martin wings badge,Bonnet Insulation, Dipstick plaque,Oil filler cap in gold finish.”


    1) The power seat adjustments is located in a wrong place. Depending of the driver position, could be too close to the thigh and knee and it is possible to deregulate the seat during a flying lap because of the lateral grip;

Driver seat

    2) Price is not competitive. Jaguar offers the F-Type SVR for £110,880, the DB11 with the V8 starts from £144,900. On paper the Jaguar is faster 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds, the DB’s only 4 seconds dead, Jaguar top speed 200mph, the DB11 is 187mph. The DB won in terms of CO2 emission, emits 16,956% less but, different from F-Type which has the possibility to choose the carbon ceramics, the Aston doesn’t;  and, 

SVR F-Type

    3)  With new platform added more aluminium and carbon fibre elements, new engine, aerodynamic and still heavy. It weights just like a SUV, 1760kg. Is getting worse when compared to the AMG GT S, 128Kg heavier The german produce 3,244 Kg/HP, Aston Martin, 3,499. 0-60, the AMG GT won by 0,1 sec. So with this weight, interferes the handling, fuel and performance.

References:  Aston Martin’s website:

Jaguar’s website:

Mercede-Benz’s Website:

Opinions: 1) Rating: 7/10 (R. 6,985/ 10)

2) DB11 V12 S with more power (625~679 hp), more focused with lower suspension  carbon-fibre apply as optional, to reduce weight.

3) If Honda engine F1 doesn’t solve all the problems, e.g. the lack of power, in their power units in 2018, when will be working with the Scuderia Toro Rosso, the  Red Bull Racing Formula One can deny it, and think about the Mercedes-Benz engine for the next season. Because there is a partnership between Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz. Merc. supply the engine for Astons DB’s car. It already happened in the past, with the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren.

4) Naturally aspirated V12 defines the Aston Martin. Turbo Era. And definitely, the DB11-V8 still a base model because it has only two years and there is at least, eight more years to develop. If you want a real Aston, lost your mind and buy the used Vantage GT12. It has a proper V12, fun, fast with 595bhp and the most important element, the GT12 will break down after 50 kilometres, this DB will teach you how to become a car mechanic.   


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