McLaren, P14.3

    Is there a McLaren P15 underway? First at all, it is clearly that the McLaren wants to be profitable as possible, for example, in 2016 McLaren Automotive sold 3,286 units, and to keep selling and range to 4,000 cars is important to expand the lineup.

    Taking as a starting point on March 04, 2016, McLaren did not only bring to the public the 570GT also the Track22 plan. According to British Company:

  “Highlights of the Track22 plan include an investment of £1 billion into R&D over the coming six years, leading to the launch of 15 all-new cars or derivatives.”

Analyzing the Research and Development through their sports cars are organized¹. So beginning with the derivative P13, the McLaren 570GT:

McLaren 570GT
570S GT4-5 1900
McLaren 570S GT4 (derivative P13)
570S_Sprint_10 crop
McLaren 570S Sprint (derivative P13)
MSO HS 688 (derivative P11)


McLaren 3850S (derivative P13)


720S Coupe (new product P14)
720S MSO ‘Velocity’ (derivative P14)
McLaren 570S Track Pack (derivative P13)
570S Spider (derivative P13)

    For now there are eiGhT derivations and one new product. So the next step, making a reasonable choice, is a Spider version of McLaren 570GT to compete with Aston Martin DB11/Vantage V8, both Volante, because is still summer in Europe and the 570S Spider received a good review.  However, there are two more McLarens to produce, the P15 and the McLaren 720S (P14.1).

    First, to identify their cars, McLaren has been using the letter P to designate a Prototype and a the number indicates how many prototypes were created, for example in 2003 the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren was the P7. Thus the Prototype Fifteenth justify if McLaren wants to expand the lineup through the  High Sport (HS). In other words, the HS finally becomes the fifth model² in British company lineup not only be a special variation how did happen to MP4-12C HS.  

MP4-12C HS

    As expected it should be a mid-engine V8 and 4 litre, and following the Track22 plan, hybrid:

“Finally, the plan encompasses new powertrains, with a fully electric system already in the prototype stages for evaluation in a possible future-generation Ultimate Series car. By 2022, the Track22 plan says that at least 50 per cent of McLaren cars will feature hybrid technology, following in the footsteps of the hugely successful petrol-electric McLaren P1™.”

    With the advent of new partnership factory in Sheffield, the P15 is a real possibility for 2021. But for this year and the next three year, the main focus is to develop the McLaren 720S (P14).

McLaren 720S

    The 720S has the mission to replace the 650S (P11.2)³, so it means a Spider and a C versions for 2018. And for this year create a 720S HS and Race car, the McLaren 720S GT3 version (P14.1.3).

    The GT3 is to test, for instance the mechanical setup, more specific the 4.0 Litre V00 biturbo (M840T) engine, has to know what it is capable to adapt the V8 to 500ps and cope long racing, e.g. the 24 hours of Spa, Belgium, and possible to use it on the McLaren BP23.


    And, at the same time the 720S Sprint (P13.1.4) comes to increase the sell with 500 units and be more dramatic than the 12C and 650S Sprint.

12C Sprint
650S Sprint

    Implement elements from GT3 to 720S Sprint is to compete against the next Ferrari 488 Speciale and Porsche 991 GT2 RS.

References: 1) McLaren Automotive’s Website:

2) Blancpain GT Serie’s Website:

Observations: 1) There are three cars did not enter the list and why: Derivative P12 = McLaren P1 LM was made by Lazante, the Derivate P13, the 540C did not too because the production it is a product on March 03, 2015, and the “new fully electric McLaren P1™” is a toy.

2) The legacy with McLaren F1 (1998), The Ultimate Series over £2M, HS Hybrid costs between £450,000 to £600,000; the Super Series with 720S and 570S sport Series.

3) The production ended in April, 2017.

Opinion: The mid-engine V8 layout is important to keep the McLaren’s traditional, however is important to be aware to introduce a P2+2 Coupe GT.   

The original article was published on August 03, 2017.


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