Range Rover, Velar  

Basic Specifications: P380 First Edition. V6 supercharged petrol, 3.0 litre, 375bhp. Petrol engine.


    1 ) The Range Rover (RR) Velar has followed the same beautiful lines LRX Concept ’s design, which inspired the Rover Evoque (Mk1) and Range Rover (L405):

LRX Concept 2007

    2) As part from Range Rover history, the All Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) and Terrain Response 2 (TR2) are standard in this SUV. The main function is to adapt any kind of difficulties that the terrain offers;

Velar, off-road capability 

    3) Configurable Dynamics. According to Range Rover: “Dynamic-i feature is also available, featuring a G-meter, stopwatch and pedal response indicator.” And, as standard, the Active Rear Locking Differential not only give better traction control also control the wear of the tires; and,

    4) Adaptive Cruise Control with Queue Assist and Intelligent Emergency Braking are standard.

Queue Assist System


    1) The eight-speed ZF gearbox fitted perfectly to this version;

    2) There is no seven seats, the main reason is not to compete with the New Land Rover Discovery and Discovery Sport. There are the possibility to have only four, if the customer chooses for Centre Armrest Cooler/Warmer Box;

Discovery Sport

    3) Fuel consumption and CO2 emission are better than the Porsche Macan Turbo with Performance Package, however, its lost for Jaguar F-Pace S AWD (CO₂: 209g/km, Urban Fuel Economy: 23.2mpg, Extra Urban Fuel Economy: 39.8mpg, Combined Fuel Economy: 31.7mpg), the Velar emits 214g/km, Urban Fuel 22.2 mpg and Extra Urban 37,7mpg and Combined Fuel Economy 30.1mpg; and,

    4) Mix of metals are made in this RR. Aluminium, magnesium in the front-end and steel on the back-end, the Velar weights less than 1.900 Kg (more precise 1.884kg). Thus there are areas to make even more light.


    1) Overpriced, starts from £85,450;

    2) Optional are too expensive. Taking two examples, the Deployable Side Steps Kit costs £2,298.00 and the USB Car Charger For Apple. Range Rover charges you £218.00. Ebay, the 2.1A Dual Twin costs 7 (without tax and postage). Another issue, which should not be a optional because in SUV has, the essence, the definition of luxury and safety, the Rear Tailgate Sunshades which costs £113.00 and the Warning Triangle £25.00; and,

    3) There is no active aerodynamic system, just like the Porsche Cayenne Turbo 2018 which reduce drag and increase speed and handling.

porsche ca.PNG
Porsche Cayenne Turbo 2018

References: 1) Range Rover’s Website: https://buildyour.landrover.com/lr2/r/model/_/en_gb/l560_k18/3hohn

Porsche’s Website: https://www.porsche.com/uk/modelstart/

Jaguar’s Website: https://rules.config.jaguar.com/jdx/en_gb/f-pace/?_ga=2.263700812.1124612617.1506015622-1369808276.1506015622

Opinions: 1) Rating: 8,2 /10 (R. 8,223/10);
2) The Velar was the third Range Rover to prioritise the form over than function, the first was the Evoque Coupe, and second, the Cabriolet Evoque;
3) Combine the design and the name Range Rover, the Velar will sell a lot units, despite the fact the P380 First Edition is overpriced when compared to the Porsche Macan Turbo, in a full optional pack, the german company offers a possibility to invest the Adaptive cruise control with Porsche Active Safe (PAS) and the Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB), it costs £ 5,682.00. For quite the same price, £5,280.00, Range Rover is offering a Flux Silver paint, not offers a ceramic brakes for Velar though;
4) Buying the First Editon have to deal with the Range Rover SVR Version, a V8 (525~550 hp);
5) The Touch Pro Duo infotainment system and the 10” High-definition Touchscreens digital screen console will be available for Range Rover  MK4 lineup; and,
6) About the eight-ZF gearbox, for the SVR Version should be available the seven/eight dual clutch.


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