Bentley, GT W12

Specification: 6.0-Litre, W12 with 626 bhp at 6000rpm.


1) As expect from Bentley, the design continuous to be beautiful and harmonic. There is a good reason for that is the last generation aged very well with many version, for example, the Bentley Continental GT W12 SUPERSPORTS `09 (621 bhp) is gorgeous;   

2) Torque-vectoring-by-brake system for burnout with comfort and precision; and,

3) Handcrafted leather and wood. It means every single detail is exclusive and memorable.


1) There is a huge possibility to configure the car, for instance, you can combine the Verdant color in the exterior and, in the interior, on the dual finish veneers the Dark Fiddleback Eucalyptus over Piano Black. No carbon-fibre trim is available to choose in the interior though; and,

2) One advantage of  the V8-Hybrid is the possibility to be more eco-friendly to the earth and offering a rear drive, is adding fun and balance the weight  between battery pack and cut weight through the front differential (-30~33 Kg), for example.


1) The Adaptive Cruise Control is optional for the City Specification, with a price tag starting to £150,500;

2) The 48-volt electric active roll control system is important to keep the car on track, but the weight interfere in this GT car, 2.250kg; and

3) Android Auto is not available.

Reference: References:

Opinion: 1) Score: 8,9/10;

2) Despite the fact that, on paper the electrification is a better choice, the 6.0-liter is more efficient, because Bentley rework on the W12-Engine and implemented the dual fuel injection. This Grand Tourer  now emits 278g/km of CO2, and it is very close to another GT, the Aston Martin DB11 V12, 270g/km; and,

3) Apart from Porsche and Audi decided to leave the LMP1’s program and move forward to Formula-E, personally I believe that Bentley GT3’s program will continue to underdevelopment. Despite the GT3-category is becoming far from hybrid-technology, the british company has found a patch to understand and develop their cars.

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